Esmeralda Geisha Washed





An incredibly juicy cup of coffee with plum sweetness and a citrusy aftertaste. Complex notes of jasmine flowers, bergamot and stone fruit. The Domaine de la Romanée-Conti of Coffee.

Panama Esmeralda Geisha is my favourite coffee because it reflects my cooking philosophy in the cup. It is elegant, balanced and with a strong identify. I am surprised every time when I taste it and rediscover all its nuances, and I am amazed at its complexity.

Antonio Guida
Michelin Restaurant Seta, Milan

Limited Edition

Only 378 boxes available in 2023

Tiny Production

Only 60kg available

Legendary Estate

Sourced from the most coveted farm in the world

Esmeralda Geisha Washed is a very special Arabica that is unlike any other. Only the ripest cherries are picked at the right time, meaning harvesting can last for a few months … but some things, like this, are definitely worth waiting for. When the beans are graded anything over 90 is sold or auctioned, but the very best lots are kept for the Best of Panama competition or for preferred buyers such as Difference Coffee. We have an established relationship with Esmeralda who now offer us the privilege of early access to their most distinctive micro-lots before they go to auction.

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Harvested in February, 2022, this Mario 51AS micro-lot, of which there are only 60kg, was sold to Difference Coffee as its exclusive buyer. It was processed by the wet method with the fermentation conducted under anaerobic (reduced oxygen) conditions with a special yeast inoculation. For this first edition, we have roasted 30kg which produced 378 boxes only. This coffee is therefore, extremely limited.

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What is Panama Geisha?

Panama Geisha is a highly prized coffee variety cultivated in Panama's mountainous regions, particularly in Boquete. It gained global acclaim after winning the Best of Panama competition in 2004. Known for its floral aroma, intricate flavors, and vibrant acidity, Panama Geisha is in high demand among coffee enthusiasts. Its rarity and exceptional taste contribute to its premium status in the specialty coffee market.

What makes Geisha coffee so special?

Geisha coffee is considered special due to its exceptional taste and unique characteristics. It is known for its complex flavor profile, often featuring floral and tea-like notes, tropical fruitiness, and a delicate sweetness. Geisha coffee is also distinguished by its vibrant acidity and smooth mouthfeel. Additionally, Geisha beans are rare and highly sought after, commanding a premium price in the coffee market. The combination of its extraordinary flavor, limited availability, and the meticulous cultivation process contributes to making Geisha coffee truly special and highly prized among coffee aficionados.

Where can I buy geisha coffee?

Geisha coffee has gained popularity worldwide, leading to cultivation in multiple countries. While it is recognized as a top-tiervarietal, taste variations exist between Geisha beans grown in Panama and elsewhere. Panama boasts numerous farms producing Geisha, with varying quality grades. Difference Coffee selects Geisha beans solely from esteemed estates like Hacienda La Esmeralda and Elida, renowned for their excellence in the Best of Panama Competitions. This ensures that you enjoy the pinnacle of Geisha coffee, crafted from the finest beans available.