At Difference Coffee, we believe in setting a new standard for sustainability in the coffee industry

While many view sustainability through a narrow lens, focusing solely on packaging, we strive to go above and beyond. Our approach is far wider, one which considers all three key factors - economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, we don't just aim to meet the baseline standards; we are committed to practices that truly make a difference, ensuring that our actions benefit not only our planet but also the people who cultivate and produce our exceptional coffees. This comprehensive, compassionate and rigurous stance sets us apart, as we continually challenge ourselves and the industry to redefine what it means to be truly sustainable.

Economic Sustainability: Setting New Standards

In the realm of economic sustainability, Difference Coffee goes beyond usual market practices. We recognize that the volatility of coffee as a commodity often affects the livelihoods of farmers. Our response is a deliberate move away from commodity coffee. By sourcing coffees with the highest Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) scores, we ensure that our farmers are not just compensated but rewarded for their exceptional products. Our participation in prestigious auctions for top-tier coffees, like the Cup of Excellence, Best of Panama, and the annual Kona Cupping competition, reflects our commitment to paying prices that truly value the work that has gone into growing and the processing the coffees. In this way, we proudly claim our status as one of the highest-paying coffee roasters globally, directly contributing to the economic vitality of coffee-growing communities.

Social Sustainability: A Commitment to Fairness and Equity

At Difference Coffee, our approach to social sustainability is centered around fairness and excellence in the entire journey of our coffee. We recognize the economic challenges in the coffee industry, including issues like child labor and unequal pay. Our response is to significantly exceed the standards set by certifications like Fair Trade. By paying super-premium prices for exceptional quality coffee, we not only improve the livelihoods of our coffee producers but also demonstrate to the market the true value of excellence in coffee. This practice surpasses the usual certifications applied to commodity coffee, ensuring our farmers and workers are compensated in a way that fosters dignity and discourages exploitation. In doing so, we contribute to a healthier, more sustainable coffee community where the hard work and skill of each individual are truly acknowledged and rewarded.

Environmental Sustainability: A Responsible Journey from Seed to Cup

Our environmental sustainability efforts at Difference Coffee extend far beyond recyclable packaging. We actively work to reduce and reuse our packaging, significantly minimizing our environmental footprint. When it comes to our coffee capsules, we partner with Podback to provide a wide-reaching, free-of-charge capsule recycling solution for our customers, addressing the issue of waste in single-use products. We consciously avoid misleading claims about compostable capsules, focusing instead on realistic and impactful environmental practices.

Since 2020, we have proudly maintained our status as a carbon-negative, climate-positive company. Our collaboration with Earthly enables us to offset more carbon than we produce, contributing significantly to global climate change mitigation. This involves supporting projects that not only compensate for our carbon emissions but also have a positive impact on the environment. This meticulous attention to detail reflects our commitment to not just preserving, but enhancing, the natural world that makes our coffee possible.