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"I imagine a world where every coffee drunk in a Michelin-starred restaurant, a luxury hotel, or at home with a Nespresso machine is a Specialty."
Coffee Myths Debunked:  In Italy We Drink Strong Coffee
Many coffee drinkers mistake bitterness for strength. It’s easy to do, as the unpleasant levels of bitterness typical of poor quality coffee overwhelm the tastebuds. It's a sensation easily, but incorrectly, attributed to the coffee’s strength.
Chef Publishing: Interview With Enrico Molino
Enrico Molino, Brand Ambassador for The Difference Coffee, started his job two years ago, he now deals with 160 clients around the world. An impressive 34 of them are in Italy, boasting 37 Michelin stars between them.. 
Difference Coffee’s coffee chocolate trifle recipe combines dark chocolate mousse with a deliciously rich coffee custard.
Combining two flavoursome treats into one delicious dessert, this coffee chocolate trifle recipe by MasterChef Champion Louisa Ellis pairs dark chocolate mousse with a rich coffee custard.