Wild Kopi Luwak

Seductive & Smooth




Full bodied coffee with gentle acidity and low bitterness. Notes of forest woods and dark cocoa beans. The White Truffle of Coffee. 

Every time I taste Kopi Luwak, for me, it is a unique emotion because it is a small way to constantly return to Asia while living in Italy. I love this coffee for its notes of cedar and chocolate which makes it unique in the world. It’s coffee for people like me who are passionate about nature.

Michelangelo Mammoliti
Michelin Restaurant La Rei Natura, Italy

Limited Edition

Only 800 boxes available in 2023

Certified Specialty Arabica

Extremely rare for a Wild Luwak coffee

Wild Coffee Beans

Cage-free sourced only

Kopi Luwak is known among connoisseurs as the most expensive coffee in the world. This almost legendary coffee earns that title thanks to its truly unique origins, which most famously involve being partially digested by civet cats (luwaks). However, many discerning coffee drinkers are disappointed when they taste Kopi Luwak – the result of inferior and even fake products flooding the market. There are many stories in the press around unethical coffee producers who keep civets in cages for mass-produced coffee. This is not only cruel; it also diminishes the quality of the coffee due to the stress the animal suffers.

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However, Difference Coffee's Wild Kopi Luwak is 100% ethically and sustainably sourced: it is allowed to be named “wild“ because the droppings comes from civets that roam free on the Gayo Estate, the only certified wild luwak estate in Indonesia, and eat the choicest coffee cherries. Due to the civets’ excellent health and diet, the beans passing through their systems result in exceptional flavour. We only buy specialty grade luwak coffee that scores 85 points as a very minimum and, therefore, supply is very limited.

We promise an unrivalled cup which meets the highest of standards set by the Specialty Coffee Association. Wild Kopi Luwak is a truly outstanding coffee that is delicate, complex and delicious because it is made just the way nature intended.

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How is Kopi Luwak coffee made?

Kopi luwak, in its simplest form, refers to coffee beans that have undergone fermentation through the digestive system of a Civet cat. This natural process takes place during the annual coffee harvest, as the luwaks freely wander coffee plantations during the night, carefully
choosing the ripest coffee cherries to consume. It is the meticulous selection and fermentation process that ultimately yields a rare and exquisite coffee indulgence.

What is Kopi Luwak coffee made of?

Kopi luwak comprises 100% coffee beans, but it is crucial to understand that there are various qualities of Kopi luwak beans, leading to distinct cup experiences. For an exceptional taste, certain factors must be considered. Firstly, the Luwak must selectively choose the coffee
cherries for ingestion. Secondly, since the fermentation occurs within the Luwak's digestive system, it is vital that the animal is found in the wild.
Therefore, Difference Coffee categorizes all caged Kopi Luwak as counterfeit and refrains from sourcing such beans. Lastly, for genuine deliciousness, the coffee beans must undergo meticulous hand sorting to eliminate any defects.

Whats the difference between black ivory coffee and Kopi luwak coffee?

Kopi luwak and Black Ivory coffee share a similarity in that both involve the consumption of coffee cherries by an animal and subsequent fermentation within their digestive system. However, the key
distinction lies in the natural occurrence of Kopi luwak. Wild Civet cats naturally consume coffee cherries during the coffee harvest, whereas elephants typically do not. Consequently, we focus on natural practices and refrain from involving any processes that deviate from the animal's natural behavior.

Where can I buy authentic Kopi luwak coffee online?

Difference Coffee considers all caged Kopi Luwak as counterfeit. It is recommended to buy from specialty coffee roasters who can furnish a certificate of authenticity, verifying their sourcing of Wild Kopi Luwak. Additionally, for a delightful experience, it is essential that all
defects are eliminated prior to roasting. This can be ensured by purchasing from roasters who exclusively offer Specialty Grade arabica, including the luwak variety.