Elida Geisha Natural ASD

Sweet & Juicy




Sweet & Juicy cup of coffee with distinct fruity character. Star jasmine floral aromas on the nose with passionfuit, almond and tart cherries flavours. A fruitbomb!

A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee.


Limited Edition

Only 600 boxes available in 2023

Legendary Estate

4 times Best of Panama competition champion

Exclusive Micro Lot

Sourced from the award-winning Torre micro lot

Our newest Panama Geisha, Elida Geisha Natural ASD, is a very rare and special coffee grown high on the slopes of Volcan Baru National Park. Here, in the cloudy rain forest of a protected ecological reserve, is Elida Estate, part of the celebrated, century-old Lamastus Family Estates and one of Panama’s most celebrated producers. The various lots, each with a distinct terroir, benefit from a unique set of growing conditions – rich volcanic soils, cool overnight temperatures and seasonal mist and fog – that yield some truly exceptional coffees. Read more

We have an excellent relationship with the estate and so were very fortunate to gain access to coffee from one particular lot: Elida’s Torre Lot, which stands out for consistently producing the highest-scoring coffees. In fact, beans from here have won the elite Best of Panama competition three times in the past five years. We secured this unique Elida Geisha Natural ASD lot, producing just a few hundred boxes of a phenomenal coffee which is only available to Difference Coffee customers as a limited edition of just 600 boxes.

Not only does this lot comprise the best beans from the entire estate, it also represents the superior results of a meticulous, handcrafted processing technique. The natural anaerobic slow-dry (ASD) process is long and slow, involving fermentation of coffee fruits in an oxygen-free tank that preserves natural yeasts and other microorganisms. From here, the fruits are moved to drying beds under sunlight for more than 30 days. The intensity and complexity of flavours resulting from the natural ASD process are astounding. One sip of Elida Geisha Natural ASD is the delicious proof.

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Where do Geisha coffee beans originate from?

The origin of Geisha coffee can be traced back to the mountains of Gesha, a region in southwestern Ethiopia. The Geisha coffee variety was discovered in the 1930s, where it grew wild among other coffee trees. In the early 2000s, Geisha coffee gained international recognition when it was introduced to the specialty coffee scene by Hacienda La Esmeralda. It was during the Best of Panama coffee competition in 2004 that Geisha's exceptional cup quality and unique flavor profile garnered significant attention and acclaim. Since then, Geisha coffee has become highly sought after by coffee enthusiasts for its extraordinary taste and limited availability.

Where can I buy Panama Geisha coffee?

In recent years, Geisha coffee has been cultivated in various countries due to its high demand and premium pricing.
While it is widely regarded as one of the tastiest coffee varietals, there are noticeable taste distinctions between Geisha beans grown in Panama and those grown elsewhere. In Panama, numerous farms grow Geisha, each with varying grades of quality. At Difference Coffee, we source our Geisha beans exclusively from Hacienda La Esmeralda and Elida, which are highly acclaimed estates in the renowned Best of Panama Competitions. This guarantees that you are experiencing the finest Geisha coffee available.

How do I brew Geisha coffee?

The most crucial factor to remember is to acquire the highest-quality beans, regardless of the brewing method chosen. Regardless of whether you brew Geisha coffee as filter or espresso, the extraction process can only bring out the inherent flavors present in the beans themselves. Starting with exceptional beans ensures the best possible taste experience, allowing you to fully appreciate the distinct and remarkable qualities of Geisha coffee.