Learn how to create an authentic, premium tiramisu with this best tiramisu recipe from the MasterChef Champion Louisa Ellis.



We are thrilled to bring you this incredible tiramisu recipe for this year’s Tiramisu Day (March 21st), featuring Difference Coffee. It is the quintessential coffee-infused dessert, a decadent treat that tastes deliciously complex but is surprisingly straightforward to prepare. This Difference Coffee Tiramisu recipe was created for us by Chef Louisa Ellis, a familiar face to fans of MasterChef. She is both a finalist and winner of the elite TV competitions. About her recipe, Chef Ellis told us, “It’s certainly a treat and in my opinion, one I look forward to very much!”

This recipe makes enough to serve a crowd and it’s certainly worthy of a fancy dinner party. Requiring an overnight rest in the refrigerator, tiramisu is a great choice for entertaining because you can whip it up ahead of time. However, we also love to have a dish of this tiramisu in the fridge for everyday desserts as well as sneaky late-night snacking. According to Chef Ellis, “Using the highest quality coffee really does mean that your coffee-based recipes will be the best they can be,” and she recommends choosing your favourite Difference Coffee. The same is true of the other ingredients, so go for top-quality vanilla, mascarpone and chocolate to grate on top as well.


150g of golden caster sugar
4 large egg yolks & 1 x white
500g mascarpone
I x vanilla pod/1 tsp of vanilla bean paste
I6 sponge fingers (More or less depending on the size of your dish).
350ml of Difference Coffee Kona Coffee (brewed and cooled)
50 ml Kahlua (optional)
I heaped tbsp of cocoa powder
I tbsp of grated chocolate of your choice


Place 100g of sugar & egg yolks into a glass bowl and whisk over a pan of hot water making sure the bowl is not in direct contact with the water. Whisk until thick, white, fluffy and doubled in size (using an electric whisk will speed this process up).
Gently fold the egg & sugar mix into the mascarpone with the vanilla.
Whisk the egg white with the remaining sugar until thick and fluffy, fold into the creamy mascarpone & egg yolk mix to create a mousse texture.
Add the Kahlua to the coffee mix if using and proceed to dip each sponge finger into the coffee mix for a brief second (enough to become soft but not soggy).
Line the bottom of a 25 x 21cm Pyrex dish with the sponge fingers until completely covered.
Next, layer half of the mascarpone mix on top of the fingers, using a spatula, smooth the mixture out so it’s flat.
Repeat this process number 6 once more to create 2 layers in total.
Cover the dish with eco-friendly cling film and leave to rest in the fridge overnight.
When ready to eat, dust with the cocoa powder & grated chocolate of your choice.


Luton-born Louisa Ellis was an enthusiastic cook throughout her childhood, and after attending culinary college she began an impressive career path starting in the kitchens of multi-Rosette hotels. Building upon a broad experience spanning restaurant, room service, brasserie and banquet catering, Ellis fulfilled an early career goal in moving to Michelin-starred restaurants. In Birmingham, she worked at Adam’s Restaurant, followed by The Wilderness, a 24-seat restaurant specializing in modern British cuisine. Ellis attributes her passion for elevated cuisine and attention to detail to her experiences in these acclaimed kitchens.

While cooking at The Wilderness in 2017, Ellis successfully applied to compete on MasterChef: The Professionals. She finished in the final three as the only female finalist, at the age of just 22. Her career continued its ascent with a position at Sat Bains, a two-Michelin star restaurant in Nottingham. Next came a return to MasterChef in 2020, with Ellis ultimately winning the competition. She celebrates this victory as “My biggest achievement to date.”

Louisa Ellis is currently a private chef based in Nottingham. She creates tasting menus for events nationwide and sold-out a series of restaurant take-overs. During the pandemic, Ellis launched a successful “Heat at Home” service to continue feeding first-class cuisine to appreciative customers. Among them are NHS staff and emergency service workers who receive a special deal. If you’ve watched Louisa Ellis whip up winning desserts on television, we’re sure you’re excited to create her tiramisu recipe at home.



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