Struggling to find fitting coffee gifts? Give the gift of Difference Coffee's specialty grade coffee.



Gourmet gifts are always a great choice when it comes to treating your nearest and dearest. If the loved ones you have in mind are coffee snobs, or perhaps traditional snobs with discerning tastes all around, consider our specialty coffee gifts. By giving a box of Difference Coffee capsules, you can treat the beloved snobs in your life to the best cups of coffee they’ll ever taste, in the comfort of their own home. Many of our clients buy boxes or even subscriptions as gifts for loved ones, and our capsules are delivered in attractive boxes so they already look like luxurious presents.

Difference Coffee’s collection includes six different types of coffees. They’re all carefully selected and special, but we believe there’s a perfect coffee varietal to suit each particular type of snob… um, we mean “discerning consumer”. These lovers of luxury know what they like and are happy with nothing less, but we are ready to rise to that gift-giving challenge. Here are our suggestions for the best coffees to give as gifts to snobs of every kind.


From the Maldives to Myanmar, the holiday snob has travelled the world and come back with no shortage of stories to tell. It’s difficult to give gifts that fit into his collection of exotic souvenirs and rare artifacts, but a box of Hawaii Kona coffee is sure to suit his global palate. Maybe he’s trekked the volcanic slopes of Hawaii’s Big Island in person, or maybe not… either way you’ll be giving the holiday snob an unforgettable taste of the islands. It might even inspire their next holiday destination.


If you give a box of our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee to your movie snob friend, don’t be surprised if they mention James Bond. Yes, the rare and exceptional coffee grown in the misty Blue Mountains of Jamaica is 007’s varietal of choice. If your friend doesn’t already know this, you’ll get to be the one sharing some fun film trivia for once! This coffee is truly delicious, with a perfect balance of flavours and barely a hint of bitterness. While your film fanatic friend sips a cup of Jamaica Blue Mountain, they’ll feel as suave as Bond and grateful to you for such a thoughtful gift.


We all have a loved one who just adores the finer things in life. Only the best will do for this taste maven, which makes it quite the challenge to buy her a gift. For this arbiter of opulence, we suggest a box of our Kopi Luwak coffee. It’s famous as one of the rarest and most expensive coffees in the world, and our particular Kopi Luwak is made using the highest-graded beans available today. This unusual coffee is sure to meet the lofty expectations of the luxury snob in your life.


Wine snobs and coffee snobs share a lot in common, and sometimes they’re even one and the same person! Your favourite oenophile knows all about terroir, varietals and growing conditions, all of which are just as important in the coffee world as they are in vineyards. The wine snob surely has an especially perceptive palate, which is why we recommend giving them a box of our Panama Geisha capsules. This is a most unusual coffee with a complex flavour profile that will certainly appeal to any wine snob. Plus, like the finest wines, it’s a rare product from a legendary estate.


Giving a gift of gourmet coffee to a true coffee snob is an intimidating task, but Difference Coffee has you covered with our Cup of Excellence champion coffees. Your coffee snob friend is surely aware that the Cup of Excellence is the most elite competition in the coffee world. Its Champion lots, which are selected from thousands of entrants from the world’s best coffee-growing regions, are without a doubt the best coffees your beloved connoisseur will ever taste.


We all have a friend or family member who could be considered a “wellness snob”. You might be aware that they skip caffeine for health reasons, or perhaps you’re not quite sure where they stand on caffeine consumption. For the wellness-minded gift recipient, Difference Coffee’s Guatemala Swiss Water Decaf is a safe bet. Unlike typical decaf coffee, it’s decaffeinated using the revolutionary Swiss Water method, which is 100% chemical-free and removes 99.9% of the caffeine from coffee without affecting its flavour. This is the best-tasting decaf you’ll find, and it meets the wellness-snob seal of approval too!

We love the idiosyncratic snobs in our lives, and we know you do too. Take the stress out of choosing gifts for these picky persons and select the best of our Difference Coffee collection. If you’re still not sure which of our coffees is the best choice (after all, some snobs fall into more than one category), how about purchasing a gift card so they can select their own favourite? You can browse all our coffees and gift card options using the link below.



Why not enjoy our 3 best selling coffees: Hawaii Kona, Jamaica Blue Mountain and Wild Kopi Luwak. This classic Trio is all you will need to start the journey of discovery to the world's rarest classic coffees.