Share our thirst for knowledge and coffee! We would like to share with you our favourite receipes from legendary chefs, our journeys to find the world’s rarest beans and a whole lot more.

Eat Week Guide interviews Amir Gehl on the revolution of the coffee capsule and how his love for rare coffee began.
Enrico Molino, Brand Ambassador for The Difference Coffee, started his job two years ago, he now deals with 160 clients around the world. An impressive 34 of them are in Italy, boasting 37 Michelin stars between them.. 
Wired Magazine: "it gives anyone the chance to sample some of the finest (and rarest) coffee varieties on the planet."
House Home magazine speak to Amir about the Difference Coffee
Robb Report Recommends : You can now utter the phrase “world’s best coffee shop” without fear of hyperbole.
Kyle and Katina Connaughton, the chef and farmer behind California’s SingleThread, travelled to Peru with Chefs for Change.
Tikichris reports that Difference Coffee deserves a new cup as Amir has upped even his own game.
Newsweek Article - How One Entrepreneur is Reinventing the Coffee Pod for Gourmet Brews
Building the best "terroir-led coffee collection" in the world - Euro news interviews Difference Coffee
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