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Enjoy Difference Coffee's Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, a creamy and balanced cup with gentle acidity, full rich taste and notes of dark cocoa beans mixed with macadamia nuts, presented in Nespresso Original compatible capsules.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

An absolute classic, and our best selling coffee. Smooth, Mellow, chocolatey and nutty.
$5.60 per capsule
Enjoy Difference Coffee's 100% ethically and sustainably sourced Wild Kopi Luwak coffee, presented in Nespresso Original compatible capsules.

Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee

100% Specialty Grade, Ethically sourced, certified Wild coffee.
$8 per capsule
Enjoy Kona coffee, one of the rarest, highest-quality, and most delicious varieties of coffee grown anywhere in the world, presented in Nespresso Original compatible capsules by Difference Coffee

Hawaii Kona Coffee

100% Kona, Extra Fancy, from 4-time Competition winning estate.
$5.60 per capsule
Esmeralda Geisha Washed

Esmeralda Geisha Washed

Our pride and joy, the Original Geisha from the world's most coveted coffee estate.
$8.00 per capsule
Yellow Bourbon Coffee

Yellow Bourbon Coffee

Enter the world of Specialty Arabica with the coffee of choice of Michelin Restaurants
$1.60 per capsule