Difference Coffee's Cup of Excellence Nicaragua champion coffee comes in a box of 10 Nespresso Original compatible capsules.
Difference Coffee's Cup of Excellence Nicaragua champion coffee comes in a box of 10 Nespresso Original compatible capsules.
Difference Coffee's Cup of Excellence Nicaragua champion coffee comes in a box of 10 Nespresso Original compatible capsules.


400 Boxes


Cup of Excellence Nicaragua

Rich & Fruity




A creamy and balanced cup of Coffee with gentle acidity and full rich taste. Notes of dark cocoa beans mixed with macadamia nuts. Chocolate Truffle in a cup.

I was astound by the level of complexity of this coffee. Shame there's so little of it.

Amir Gehl
Founder of Difference Coffee

Limited Release

Only 600 boxes available each month

Top Grade 1 Coffee Beans Only

Certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica

Single Farm Micro Lot

Exclusively sold to Difference Coffee

Many roasters proclaim that they source the world's finest coffees, but how can a coffee connoisseur be sure? At Difference Coffee, we aim to instil complete confidence in the impeccable quality of our coffees. This is why we have a unique approach to sourcing, focusing on the winners of the world's most prestigious coffee competitions. We bid on the top prize-winning lots at auction, thereby securing limited supplies of incredible coffee that are only available to a handful of roasters worldwide.

Our unrivalled approach to sourcing world-class coffees allows us to offer such remarkable products as Jesus Mountain Coffee, Nicaragua Champion for 2021 at the elite Cup of Excellence competition. This 100 percent Pacamara coffee won the highest scores at the national and international jury levels of the Cup of Excellence and commanded the highest price at auction. Only 930kg of this coffee exists, and Difference Coffee is proud to offer it to our discerning customers.

What is cup of excellence coffee?

A Cup of Excellence coffee is the epitome of quality and distinction in the realm of specialty coffee. It is a coffee that has been meticulously evaluated through blind tastings and achieved a remarkable score of 87 points or higher in a prestigious competition. Each winning coffee is a testament to the dedication and expertise of its producers, chosen from the finest offerings of its country. By connecting these exceptional coffees with discerning buyers, the program fosters sustainability and recognition in the world of specialty coffee.

How can I buy COE Coffee?

To buy Cup of Excellence (CoE) coffee, check online specialty coffee retailers or inquire with local roasters. ACE's website may provide purchase information. CoE coffees are limited and premium priced due to their exceptional quality. Availability varies by year and country of origin. Difference Coffee is proud to include a CoE coffee in its portfolio of Nespresso compatible pods.

How are the coffees going to the COE Auction selected?

Coffees going to the Cup of Excellence (CoE) Auction are selected through a rigorous process. Coffee producers submit their best lots for blind tastings. Expert cuppers evaluate and score the coffees based on flavor, aroma, acidity, and more. Only the highest-scoring coffees advance to the national competition, and the top ones from each country proceed to the international auction.

How can I try COE coffee before participating in the auctions?

Cup of Excellence (CoE) auctions are exclusively available to Alliance for Coffee Excellence member roasters and are not accessible to the general public. Only these qualified roasters have the privilege to participate in the auctions and bid on the exceptional CoE coffees showcased from around the world.

What is a good score for coffee in the cup of excellence competition?

Coffees that score 87 and above in the rigorous Cup of Excellence (CoE) competition are recognized as winners, showcasing exceptional quality. Among these, an even rarer subset of coffees scoring 90 and above is bestowed with the prestigious Presidential award. These elite coffees are exceptionally scarce and represent the epitome of excellence within the specialty coffee world.